Stress? Chronic Pain? Jewelry and crystal lover? Let us help!

Hambrock Holistic Healing Center offers energy work and massage therapy and hypnosis and essential oils and crystals in Virginia, DC and Maryland:
      CranioSacral Therapy (Crainal Sacral therapy for head trauma, massage therapy for headaches, CranioSacral therapy for migraines, massage therapy for infants)
DoTerra Essential Oils for sale (aromatherapy for health, beauty and stress relief)
Healing Stones and Customized Crystal Jewelry (crystals for energy work and beauty)
Hypnosis classes, Reiki classes, Healing Touch and Energy Work classes
Hypnosis for relationships, hypnosis for anxiety and hypnosis for subconscious blocks
Massage Therapy for injury, massage for pregnancy and massage for stress relief
craniosacral therapy

Did you know you could reduce

blood sugar 40 points and reduce

blood pressure as much as 20 points

with a regular Weekly Massage?

We are located in the Northern Virginia and Metro Washington, D.C. area in Fairfax, VA. Our office is close to Reston Town Center and Reston Hospital, just a short bus ride from the Washington D.C. Silver Metro Line.


297 Herndon Parkway

Suite 105

Herndon, Virginia 20170

(Located in back of building)